Knoxville foster parent convicted on charges of child molestation

David Lynn Richard's Jr., 41.

KNOXVILLE Tenn. (WVLT) -- A Knox County man was convicted on charges of child molestation after the victim told a guidance counselor about the abuse.

David Lynn Richards, Jr., 41, was convicted of Sexual Battery by an Authority Figure, Rape, Statutory Rape by an Authority Figure, Sexual Activity Involving a Minor, and others.

The same day the report was submitted, the Knox County Sheriff's Office began an investigation which revealed DNA evidence from the victim's bed which was confirmed to belong to Richards by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. According to the report, officers discovered that Richards attempted to destroy evidence of his crimes by resetting his phone, remotely resetting the victim's phone, and washing the sheets on the victim's bed.

Judge Steve Sword revoked Richards' bond and set the case for sentencing March 28. Prosecutors say they plan to pursue the maximum sentencing in the case which could be up to 12 years