Knoxville least traffic-congested city, according to TomTom

Published: Mar. 22, 2016 at 2:35 PM EDT
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Knoxville has the least congested traffic of any large city in the world, according to the latest TomTom Traffic Index.

The navigation company ranks 295 cities worldwide for congestion on the roads, giving drivers detailed information about the impact that congestion has on travel times around their cities.

Knoxville ranked last on the list of 174 cities with a metro population of 800,000 or more people. According to TomTom, that means that when traffic is congested and not flowing freely, drivers will spend an average of seven percent more time on the roads. During the morning peak, that increases to 12 percent, and in the evenings, it's up to 22 percent.

In addition to helping drivers, the Traffic Index also gives road authorities information to use to measure performance of their networks, and pinpoint areas where traffic flow can be improved.

Knoxville ranked better than other cities in Tennessee, including Nashville, which has an average of a 22 percent longer drive during congested times (44 percent at the morning peak and 61 percent during the evening), and Memphis, with an average of 16 percent (22 percent in the morning and 34 percent in the evening).

To see the complete list, click on the included link.