Knoxville man charged with assault after climbing through girlfriend's window

Man arrested in Knoxville after climbing through girlfriends window and assaulting her, according to Knoxville police. /: (KCSO)
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn (WVLT)-- The Knoxville Sheriff's Office reports they arrested a man after he removed his girlfriend's air conditioner to climb through her window and assault her.

Jeffrey Edwards, 25, was arrested on charges of domestic assault after an altercation with his girlfriend turned physical.

The police said Edwards kicked in his girlfriends front door but was not able to gain access. He then, reportedly, removed the air conditioning unit from the window and entered the home.

The report said Edwards then pulled his girlfriend's hair out and hit her in the face.

The victim's sister tried to stop the attack, according to police, but Edwards hit her and knocked her to the ground.

Edwards has been arrested on multiple other occasions for assault, according to KCSO reports.

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