Knoxville man arrested for sixth DUI after reportedly trying to fight another driver

Scott Lacy was arrested and charged with DUI after an officer reportedly saw him attempt to start a fight with another driver. / Source: (Knox County Sheriff's Office)

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- According to court documents, a Knoxville man was arrested and charged with DUI after attempting to start an altercation with another driver at a red light on N. Campbell Station Road.

Scott David Lacy reportedly got out of his Jeep at the red light around 10 p.m. on August 7. According to a report, the officer witnessed this and turned on his emergency lights to warn other drivers of the hazard in the road, then ordered Lacy to return to his vehicle.

An officer reported that as Lacy walked back to his Jeep he appeared unsteady on his feet and had a blank look on his face. That's when the officer reportedly made a u-turn and activated his emergency lights again to signal that Lacy should pull over.

According to the officer, Lacy refused to yield and was unable to maintain the proper lane of travel while fleeing from the officer. The pursuit reportedly ended after Lacy's Jeep stalled out on a pile of gravel.

Lacy then reportedly tried to run away on foot but was taken into custody after a short chase.

Lacy told the officer he met the person he was attempting to start an altercation with at Wild Wing Cafe but had no previous relationship with the person. He reportedly told the officer that he had one or two beers to drink at the restaurant.

The officer reported that Lacy showed signs of being under the influence. He refused to voluntarily submit a blood sample.

Lacy had a revoked driver's license due to a previous DUI conviction March 1. According to records, Lacy has been convicted of DUI five times in the past.

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