Knoxville neighbor finds smelly surprise, fish heads in mailbox

Published: Feb. 9, 2018 at 10:18 PM EST
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A Knoxville woman received a smelly surprise in her mailbox, and it could be a federal offense.

Angela Brookshire said on February 7, she found fish heads instead of mail.

"Tilapia cut up. They had the bodies and they cut the heads off," she said.

The Brookshires said this is the second time fish guts have appeared in their mailbox. "It definitely got my blood boiling," Joey Brookshire said.

However, the family acknowledged this was a family feud they weren't playing into.

"If you want to play childish games and put fish in my mailbox, go ahead," Angela said. "Because I'm the bigger person, I know how to clean it up."

The family said it started when they tried selling their puppy to a neighbor. But when the details of a contract didn't add up, they kept the dog and said they gave the neighbors a full refund. When they opened their mailbox a few days later, they said there were fish heads.

"There should be no reason for it to happen. It's done and over with," Joey said.

This prank could be a federal offense. Knoxville police were called to the scene, and they said they turned the case over to the postal inspector, because it's considered tampering with federal property.

The Postal Service said it's against federal law to vandalize mailboxes or destroy any mail inside and neighbors should report any problems to their local postmaster.

Local 8 News reached out to the accused neighbors. They declined to comment, but said they weren't behind the fish.