Knoxville police roll out more security along Ten Mile Creek Greenway

Published: Apr. 25, 2019 at 6:17 PM EDT
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Kristen Keech painted a picture of what happened to her


"I've never in my life had that happen, and it definitely rattled me. That scared me," Keech said.

What's typically a quiet run became a nightmare. She said a man pulled up near the Jean Teague Greenway, asked for directions, then fully exposed himself.

"It could have been two seconds, and he pulled me in the car," she said.

She quickly got away and called police to put it on their radar. Lieutenant Sammy Shaffer said Knoxville Police Department is treating this with caution.

"We try to take all those complaints seriously. The fact that there was not violence or threat of violence is obviously a good thing, and we want to capitalize on that," Shaffer said

Authorities said they're now keeping a close eye out on the more than 100 miles of Greenway. They said keep a few things in mind like stay alert, let someone know when you're going out and if you see or hear something, say something.

"A lot of times we stir our patrols based on time of day or complaints where people are noticing issues. So, it helps us even if there isn't a report in place. Without that report, it does hinder us on what we can do," Shaffer said

Shaffer said he's sure this was an isolated situation and Greenways are safe; most agree.

He also said there are cameras posted on some trails, but make sure you're keeping watch.

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