Knoxville prepares to say goodbye to Fort Kid

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KNOXVILLE , Tenn. (WVLT) -- One of Knoxville's popular park structures is scheduled to be taken down this fall after the playground equipment beings to show it's age.

7-year-old Garret enjoying Fort Kid's final days. / Source: WVLT

For years kids of all ages have played at Fort Kid playground, but the wooden structure surrounding the park is starting to rot.

The kids don't seem to mind, but city officials fear safety is a concern.

"This is everyone's favorite playground, even mine.", said Garrett, a Fort Kid regular.

Garret says the old playground structure doesn't worry him, but city leaders are worried about the retention wall surrounding the park because it is starting to rot. The city says it will cost $300,000 to replace it.

Councilwoman Stephanie Welch says the park is outdated and it is not ADA friendly. The park is not accessible to disabled children.

City leaders to plan to build a new Fort Kid park that is up to date on modern code and accessible and safe for all kids.

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