Knoxville radio host keeps his vow to live on roof until Vols win

Published: Oct. 8, 2019 at 11:54 AM EDT
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Vol fans are frustrated with the season, but some are feeling optimistic the team is in a position to turn a corner. Tyler Ivens, morning sports radio host for WNML is so confident he's vowed to live on top of a roof until the Vols get another win.

"Back in the late 80's there was a national sports radio host who went on a billboard when they were having a rough season with Johnny Majors. So, you take that story and it reemerging on top of what's happening locally and it manifested between my co-hosts and I. Toyota Knoxville finally said put your money where your mouth is."

So we found Ivens, camped out on top of Toyota Knoxville's roof. The roof aligns with a noisy I-40. Iven's said he was fed up with negative fans.

"I obviously grew up a Tennessee fan. I've done everything outside of small jumps in my career to get back here and I understand UT fans are frustrated because I've been there through the highs and lows with them. But, if you'll allow it - you don't need to go chicken little. Jeremy Pruitt has coached 17 games. You see the reactions from players after that game with Georgia- even though they had a tough second half. Some tweets from those players thanking fans for coming out- they're so close. That's a night and day difference," said Ivens.

"Not only do I need to put up or shut up, but if I was confident at all they could get a win- Mississippi State- after how they played against Georgia. Who in their right mind would come up here if they didn't believe they could win?"

Ivens set up a tent with an air mattress inside and is broadcasting from the roof. He said a few people have dropped off meals but he has snacks to hold him over.

"It's fall. It's cold. It was chilly last night. I had to put a sleep mask over my eyes because it's bright. Am I out trying to say I'm not going to come down till they win a National Title? No, but we all know they're in a position now and they're getting better."

Considering the Vols 20-10 win over Mississippi State, Ivens has been able to leave the camping spot on Saturday evening.

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