Knoxville woman quarantined in China amid coronavirus concerns

Kymberle Kaser / Source: (Facebook/ Kymberle Kaser)
Kymberle Kaser / Source: (Facebook/ Kymberle Kaser)(WVLT)
Published: Feb. 11, 2020 at 12:14 PM EST
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Knoxville native Kymberle Kaser has been wearing a mask everywhere she goes to protect herself from the coronavirus.

As of Tuesday, she is no longer allowed to leave her apartment in Guangzhou.

You may recognize Kaser from her former North Knoxville business called the Bread Shed. She left the bakery behind in favor of the classroom in China last November before the coronavirus outbreak.

"Lockdown has made everyone bring their proof of residence to where they live, with them to get back home. No one can visit each other at their home anymore," Kaser said on Facebook.

Earlier in February Kaser posted a video with her concerns about the city's low supply of masks.

"Sharing my sad state of rejection. Luckily I have a friend shipping me some masks from Thailand, and I pray they actually make it to me ������I think there is one more store to go to and then I am finding wine," she said.

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