Kred clothing line stitched in addiction awareness

Published: Jan. 5, 2017 at 6:17 PM EST
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- In downtown Knoxville, directly across the intersection of Bearden and North Broadway sits an unpretentious warehouse.

Once inside, however, you learn what's happening is anything but unassuming.

"We're just a pretty small business that's trying to make an impact. It's not about how much, but helping out one person at a time," Greg Love said.

Love is the co-founder of a clothing line called Kred (pronounced Kreed).

Kred is stitched a different way. Every shirt, hat, and hoodie sold (all designed by Love) at benefits addiction awareness. The proceeds from those sales, in turn, help out someone in need.

"There's 21 million addicts in America and growing," Love said. "I see it everyday."

"When you buy a shirt, that might be buying clothes for someone that is homeless. Or maybe it's feeding someone and buying food for someone in a halfway house, or getting someone in a halfway house."

Love knows first hand life as an addict. Nearly three years ago, after years of alcohol and drug abuse, Love went through a program at Blount County's Cornerstone of Recovery.

"I actually shoved one of my kids," Love recalled. "He still remembers it to this day. I don't remember it. It could have been worse, and that's the point where I said I can't ever do that again."

During his time at Cornerstone, Love formed a bond with several others in rehab. That bond led to talks, talks developed into ideas, and those ideas ultimately led to the birth of Kred.

"It basically started out on a white board. We all had the same concept: We wanted to give back to those that needed it."

And the name, Kred?

"Credence means to be real, authentic as you are," Love explained.

"So we shortened it and it just fit. To be real, authentic, that's part of who we are. That's part of the recovery process as well. So many times in addiction you are being someone else. In recovery it's about finding yourself and being who you are."

That's a creed we all can stand behind.

(Interested in buying clothes from Kred? Log onto to do so.)