Krystal unveils maple bourbon milkshake flavor

Published: Oct. 24, 2018 at 8:22 AM EDT
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QSR magazine, which covers the limited service fast food industry, is reporting a fast food restaurant famous for little hamburgers is introducing a milkshake with a big flavor.

Krystal is introducing a maple bourbon milkshake.

“The maple bourbon sauce uses pure, grade A maple syrup sourced from both the United States and Canada,” said Brandon Freeman, Krystal’s senior manager for culinary innovation, to QSR magazine. “I’d describe the flavors of bourbon as caramel, oak, charred oak, toffee and vanilla.”

The flavor will be available October 29.

“We know that our guests crave new and vibrant flavors and have come to expect our menu innovation to be playfully Southern,” said Krystal CEO Paul Macalus, again to QSR. “Our new Maple Bourbon Shake over-delivers on that expectation and is absolutely delicious!”

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