LMU nursing students start petition for pass/fail option

Published: Apr. 6, 2020 at 10:02 PM EDT
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As the COVID-19 pandemic shutters businesses and temporarily closes down schools, students are making the difficult transition to online classes.

Some schools, like the University of Tennessee, have adopted new grading methods to help students deal with the changes.

Nursing students at Lincoln Memorial University are lobbying for LMU to change its grading system in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, too.

A person, claiming to be an LMU nursing student, launched a petition on to get LMU to change the grading system to pass/fail.

"Achieving a letter grade imposes unnecessary anxiety right now. Some of us are distracted in the home environment due to different factors. Studying has become more challenging because of the lack of or limited availability of childcare, or other outside influences," the petition said.

"Above all, concentrating on a test when worrying about basic needs is not conducive to success. Please let us have the choice of a Pass/Fail grading option to alleviate undo anxiety during this time and still achieve our goals," it added.

You can view the petition


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