Local body-paint artist creates life-size Pokemon on Market Square

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) – A local body paint artist is celebrating the popularity of the new Pokemon Go app and using it to promote her artwork.

Wednesday, artist Aubrie Goodnoe and her friend and model, Leah Gibson, set up on Market Square, where Goodnoe used body paint to turn Gibson into a very lifelike Pokemon character.

"I'm going to be blending my model into the grass in the background, and putting a Pikachu on her back, so it looks like you're catching a live Pokemon!" Goodnoe said.

The pair had to move quickly to get the job done, since shadows can change quickly throughout the day as the sun moves across the sky.

Goodnoe told Local 8 News she felt this was a good opportunity to celebrate the game and her art. She says recent shows like "Skin Wars" and other displays have brought body painting into the public eye and helped people realize it's an art form. And it's hard to deny the ongoing popularity of Pokemon Go.

"Pokemon Go is so popular right now and I love body painting and body art and merging the two is just a fantastic idea and just makes for exciting things," she said.

Goodnoe is the owner and lead artist for two Dandridge-based businesses, Pro Face Painting Art and Pro Body Paint Art. To learn more about her work, click on the included links.