Local cashier lends her kindness this Valentine's season

Source: (WVLT)
Source: (WVLT)(WVLT)
Published: Feb. 13, 2020 at 7:23 PM EST
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Trevor Grosholz says it was a last-minute idea to get dinner on Tuesday night with his wife Melanie. He wanted to celebrate Valentine's Day early because he knew he'd have to work that weekend.

The only store that's in between their house and the restaurant was Dollar General.

He grabbed chocolates, flowers and a stuffed animal to make the night extra special. When he got to the register, his card wouldn't work. The cashier named Shonnia tried to help.

“I said you know what, it's okay. I’ll just go to dinner or whatever and Shonnia said 'well how much do you have in cash,' and I reached in my pocket and I had $3,” said Grosholtz.

The cash was still not enough to cover the cost.

“She goes, 'I want you to have a good dinner with your wife' and she comes around and swipes her card and paid for it,” said Grosholtz.

Grosholz said they talked about the gracious cashier the whole dinner. He got cash and stopped by the Dollar General on the way home.

He gave her back the $20 dollars and another $20 for being kind.

“She was so nice and she didn't have to do that,” said Grosholtz.

She said she was not expecting to be paid back. He posted on local social media pages to get her some recognition. Hundreds of people liked and replied.

People who commented on Facebook said she does the same thing for other people.

“My mom always told me, it'll come back to you someday. So, if you see someone who needs or you see someone who needs a hug or a couple of bucks it definitely works,” said Grosholtz.

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