East Tennessee girl helps homeless stay warm by collecting coats

Published: Dec. 1, 2018 at 6:52 PM EST
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It's the second year 9-year-old Kaidance Lewallen is aiming to make a difference by collecting coats for the homeless.

Kaidance seems like your average 9-year-old, but her actions seem more like an adult. She spent her free time collecting coats for the homeless.

"I thought people needed help because they don't have any clothes," said Kaidance Lewallen, who is collecting coats for the homeless.

It's the second year she's been helping out, but the idea has been with her for years.

When Kaidance was about 6-years-old, she saw people sleeping on the streets. Her dad explained that some folks are homeless.

"It was beyond her that society would allow people to live homeless," said Kris Lewallen, Kaidance's dad. "I tried to explain to her how things go in the world and why they're out there."

"I knew that if people couldn't have homes, then they should need jackets and a place to sleep," said Kaidance.

Kaidance added a new collection this year, a blessing box outside of El Rey's Mexican Restaurant in Oneida. She says it will stay out there at all times for you to donate or pick up anything you need.

Dad said he's proud of his little girl who just wants to help others.

"When she came and said 'Dad, I want to make a difference. I want to do this', it made me feel wonderful," said Kris.

"It's really sad that people don't have any place to sleep and it's sad, I feel like I'm gonna cry sometimes," said Kaidance.

You can still donate coats or warm items. You can drop them off to the Scott County Sheriff's Office or leave donations in the blessing box outside of El Rey's Mexican Restaurant.

The Lewallens said they will even pick up coats from you. You can reach out on Facebook: Kai's Heart.

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