11-year-old starts Sevierville hot dog business

Published: Jul. 12, 2017 at 12:02 AM EDT
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A young girl in Sevierville is working hard at owning her own business, and she's already on her way!

Teagan Huskey's Christmas wish this past year was to own her own business. Fast forward to this summer--she's selling hot dogs from her own hot dog stand she calls "Teagan's Tasty Dogs."

You can find Teagan selling her hot dogs at local business and yard sales in Sevierville. Teagans parents told Local 8 News they couldn't be more proud of their daughter.

"It gives you a sense of pride, it lets you know that you as a parent taught her well, that she wants to do for herself rather than someone do things for her, and this is what it gives her, that sense of pride, that self esteem, that drive to want to work for what she wants in life," said Logan Huskey, Teagan's dad.

Teagan told Local 8 News she's very serious about this business taking off, so she and her parents will be applying for a permit; however, some local businesses aren't on board.

"We get a lot of negativity about it because she is 11, and a lot of people in town have worked hard for their stuff, and we do understand that, but at the same time it's an 11-year-old trying to find the fundamentals of working," said Logan Huskey.

That doesn't discourage Teagan, though. She sells the hot dogs mostly for fun and because she likes to cook. She's made $50 so far, and her goal is to make $300 to buy an ice-cone machine she has her eyes on.