Local yogurt shop hiring adults with disabilities to make a difference

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)- They say you'll never have to work a day in your life, if you find a job you love. For Jodie McIntyre, her job was raising her three kids. After almost two decades of staying at home, she found another calling.

"Scared, nervous, anxiety stricken but really really excited," said McIntyre. Her family opened Emmy's Frozen Yogurt, in Bearden. "There's nothing in me that minds going to work...I opened it not knowing what I was doing, a little nervous. Now love it. Can't wait to come to work, can't wait to do things for the shop," she said.

The yogurt they serve is full of natural ingredients. There's some that is vegan friendly, gluten free and some for those wanting to watch their sugar and carb intake. But the shop is also offering an opportunity to young adults living with disabilities. Starting with her son, Michael.

"I have three children my middle son Michael, nicknamed Emmy, has autism he is 21 now. It was really based on what happens when they finish school. What happens when they're not the cute little toddlers everyone wants to play with? What do they do with life?," she said about opening the shop.

Michael, also known as Emmy, worked at another local yogurt shop. When it shut down the McIntyres made a choice. "We decided yes, this is what we're going to do. This is our destiny. Michael can work here. We've got a family thing going on and we can hire other people who may not have the skills yet to have a job and we can be that training ground for them."

So far they've trained at least seven people. "Giving people a place that they can learn without feeling anxious and we have it set up here to do that," said McIntyre.

For Jodie, it's not work. It's a passion and way to make a difference.