Good Samaritan returns laptop to owner in Knoxville

Laptop slid from the top of the car to the road, only to be found safe (Source: WVLT)
Laptop slid from the top of the car to the road, only to be found safe (Source: WVLT)(WVLT)
Published: Jan. 24, 2020 at 4:58 PM EST
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Imagine losing a laptop only for someone to find it on the side of the road.

Sandra Thaler, of Knoxville, said she doesn't like to answer her front door because she doesn't know who's going to be there, but one day this week was different.

"I decided to answer the door the other day, but it happened to be this guy carrying a laptop," said Thaler.

Dumbfounded she learned her grandson had lost his laptop.

"He had left it on the top of his car and when he left out, it flew off the car, kind of like a Frisbee I guess, the way it was," said Thaler.

It had some scratches, but the screen was not harmed.

"My grandson had it where his name showed up. When his name showed up, they did research and found out my husband's name and brought it to our house," explained Thaler.

She posted in an online neighborhood forum to thank the good Samaritan who returned it--Adam--hoping she'd find him, but hasn't.

"They went out of their way to make sure it got to the right people," said Thaler, "I'd like to tell Adam and his family, thank you for going the extra step and finding us and we really appreciate what you did."

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