Louisiana to receive nearly $100m for nursing facilities during pandemic

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WASHINGTON, La. (WAFB) - The state of Louisiana is expected to receive nearly $100 million for skilled nursing facilities to help combat the coronavirus.

WAFB reported that the $98,475,000 will be used to support senior citizens in homes who may be suffering from significant expenses and lost money due to the virus.

“We are seeing a disproportionate impact in nursing homes across our state and country. These senior citizens aren’t just stats. They are each someone’s parent, grandparent, relative or a lifelong friend that have become part of one of the most vulnerable populations. These funds are a vital investment necessary to protect loved ones from becoming exposed to this virus and will help to address the needs of our seniors in nursing home communities,” said Congressman Garret Graves.

According to Graves, the relief fund distributions to SNFs will be based on a fixed or variable basis. That means each SNF will receive a fixed distribution of $50,000, plus a distribution of $2500 per bed. All certified nursing facilities with six or more certified beds are eligible for the targeted distribution.

Graves previously announced $2.3 million in funding to address coronavirus testing in under-served areas of south Louisiana.

“Throughout this pandemic, nursing homes have faced unparalleled challenges while looking after America’s most vulnerable people. This HHS funding will give these healthcare professionals key resources to protect seniors and each other,” said Senator John Kennedy.

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