Maker of Sweethearts, Necco wafers closes suddenly

MASSACHUSETTS (WVLT/CBS) -- The owner of a company that makes sweets such as Necco wafers and Sweethearts, unexpectedly shutdown operations at its Massachusetts plant, CBS reported.

Round Hill Investments LLC announced on Tuesday it is selling Necco brands to other confection manufacturer and closing down its Revere plant.

According to CBS, the company recently purchased Necco for $17.3 million at a bankruptcy auction in May.

Necco's new owner was not identified, and Round Hill has not announced whether candy production will resume. Almost 230 workers were shocked when they were told to pick up their final paychecks on Friday.

The company filed for bankruptcy protection in April, a month after notifying officials in Revere that it would need to lay off hundreds of workers if it couldn't find a buyer. When word broke about Necco's financial issues, people began hoarding Necco wafers, which caused shortages and price spikes.

Necco has roots dating back to before the Civil War and is the oldest continually operated U.S. candy company.

Besides the wafers, it also makes Sweetheart Conversation Hearts, Candy Buttons, Mary Jane candies and Clark Bars.