Man accused of stealing roommate's $10M lottery ticket

VACAVILLE, Calif. (WVLT) -- Police in Northern California have accused a man of stealing a lottery ticket from his roommate worth $10 million dollars.

The roommate purchased the ticket on Dec. 20 at a grocery store. CBS reports he said he was hoping to win some extra cash for the holidays.

When the man realized he won, he said he thought it was worth $10,000. He then told his two roommates, and one of them allegedly stole the winning ticket and replaced it with a forgery, police claim.

The man went to collect his jackpot, but was told he was not a winner.

"And we had a discussion with him because he said, 'No, I won. I saw I won $10,000 in this game.' And he kind of told me some stuff," said Russ Lopez with the California Lottery.

The real ticket resurfaced when his roommate, 35-year-old Adul Saosongyang, tried to turn it in. That's when he learned that the scratch off wasn't $10,000 but was actually worth $10 million.

"One of his roommates goes to the same store, purchases the same ticket," said Chris Polen with the Vacaville Police Department. "Later alters his losing ticket to match the winning ticket."

When Saosongyang went to collect his winnings, he was arrested and booked into jail on suspicion of grand theft.