Man arrested after baby found wandering Harriman road

HARRIMAN, Tenn. (WVLT) -- According to the Roane County Sheriff's Office, officers responded to reports of a baby walking in the middle of a Harriman road Monday.

According to an arrest report, when Captain Tim Hawn arrived at the scene, he said he found the person who called in the child's presence. That person said they found the child walking around in the roadway, carrying a golf club and a ball.

A second witness told Captain Hawn the child was no longer in danger, and Captain Hawn said he saw the child walk around outside of a home on the street before entering it through a broken screen door.

Officials entered the house, where they found a child asleep on the couch and another child standing in the hallway. RCSO said they heard an adult male talking in the back area of the house, who was later identified as Wesley Lawson.

Captain Hawn said he asked Lawson if he knew where the baby was, to which Lawson replied that the baby was in the bedroom with him. Captain Hawn said he saw the baby standing behind two other children.

Captain Hawn said he had found the baby about 100 yards from the home, though Lawson said he thought the child had only gone to the living room. Lawson said the child's mother was in Oak Ridge with another child.

Lawson was taken into custody for child endangerment, and he was taken to the Roane County Detention Facility. RCSO made a referral of the case to the Department of Children's Services.