Man crashes stolen car at 100 mph, investigators say

KPD: Man hit speeds of 100 mph while driving stolen car/: (Source: KCSO)
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn (WVLT)-- The Knoxville Police Department said a man was arrested for hitting speeds of 100 mph while driving a stolen vehicle down Henley Street.

Police were called to a accident on Henley St. near Western Ave. on June 15th. According to the report, when police arrived, they found Tony Harshaw, 40 years-old, from Knoxville.

Harshaw told officers that he was driving 100 mph south on Broadway and wanted to "max out his vehicle," and was cutting in and out of traffic, according to investigators.

Officers said that Harshaw said he had to swerve to miss a vehicle and rolled down Henley Street near Western Avenue.

Police said the vehicle was reported stolen after Harshaw claimed to have purchased it from an unknown person.

A backpack that contained 9.32 grams of meth was found at the scene as well as in Harshaw's pocket, according to investigators.

KCSO reported Harshaw was driving with a revoked license. He was taken to University of Tennessee Medical Center for evaluation before being transported to the Knox County Jail.

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