Man back on the streets after 'aggressive panhandling' arrest

KCSO said Chad Thomas Whaley was arrested for aggressive panhandling on Jackson Avenue. (Knox County Sheriff's Office)
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- According to a report from the Knoxville Police Department, a man was arrested Saturday for aggressively panhandling on Jackson Avenue.

The report said Chad Thomas Whaley is accused of cornering a woman against a fence. A citizen also reportedly told an officer that a man matching Whaley's description had approached him and his family causing them to be fearful.

The report said Whaley was placed in custody due to the likelihood the offense of aggressive panhandling would continue.

According to records, Whaley has been arrested six times in 2019 on charges involving panhandling, drugs, and attempted assault. Officials said Whaley has been given several warnings over aggressive panhandling.

A report shows that Whaley plead guilty to attempted assault charges after he was accused of entering Frussies Deli on Gay Street and begging patrons for money in March. The report said Whaley cursed at a Frussies employee when he was asked to leave, and swung at them with the intention to hit them before police arrived.

While it is legal for people to ask for money or valuables, you can still be a victim of illegal or aggressive panhandling. According to Tennessee law, it's illegal for you to be touched, blocked, followed or be scared into giving money or items to someone.