Scooter driver charged with blocking road, threatening drivers with gun

A man on a scooter was arrested after blocking the road with a scooter. (Roane County Sheriff's Office)
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KINGSTON, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Roane County Sheriff's Office reported they responded to a call of someone blocking the road when they discovered a man on a scooter with a gun.

According to a report, Ronald Reese was arrested after he allegedly pointed a handgun at a driver.

The victim told deputies that Reese was driving in front of him and repeatedly slamming on his brakes, then he stopped in the road. That's when the victim said he asked Reese to move, but he started yelling something about being tailgated.

When the victim exited his vehicle to find out why Reese would not move out of the road, Resse pulled a handgun and told him to get back in his vehicle, the report said.

Another driver then attempted to drive around the vehicle and scooter, and Reese allegedly backed his scooter into the passing car.

The responding officer reported Reese alleged he and his scooter had been struck, but the report said there was no evidence that Reese or the scooter had been hit. He told the officer he did not call the police because his phone had no service.

Officers said they found a loaded gun and another magazine in Reese's pocket with eight rounds.

Police reported Reese told them he was only exercising his right to protect himself, but could not explain why he was blocking the road.

Reese was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

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