Man takes advantage of hot weather by baking cookies in his car

Published: Jul. 5, 2018 at 11:02 AM EDT
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With the heat wave we've been having, some people have been having a little fun finding ways to deal with it. For one man in Newport News, Virginia, it was baking cookies in his car.

Joseph B. B. Quinn's post has gone viral after posting photos on Facebook showing a baking sheet and a dozen chocolate chip cookies on his dashboard.

Quinn, who recently moved from Connecticut, said it was around 92 or 93 degrees outside, but got up to 105 degrees in his car.

After leaving the cookies in his car for two hours, Quinn told WTVR he had a dozen baked chocolate chip cookies ready to eat.

“I baked cookies in my car today. Yes, they’re tasty. Yes, my car smells like fresh cookies. Yes, it’s very nice,” he posted.

The post has been shared a little more than 54,000 times so far.

I baked cookies in my car today. Yes they're tasty. Yes my car smells like fresh cookies. Yes it's very nice.

Posted by Joseph B. B. Quinn on Tuesday, June 19, 2018