Man waits 33 years for justice in deaths of East Tenn. mother, daughter

Eddie Campbell / Source: WVLT News
Eddie Campbell / Source: WVLT News(WVLT)
Published: Aug. 14, 2019 at 9:10 PM EDT
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There are few family members of the victims left to witness the scheduled execution of

, a man on death row for murdering a Union County woman and her daughter in 1986.

Eddie Campbell, the nephew of the man who lost his wife and daughter to West's crimes, is one of the only people left to stand as a witness on August 15, the day West is set to be executed.

Wanda Romines and her 15-year-old daughter Sheila were at their home on March 17, 1986 when investigators said West and an accomplice, Ronnie Martin, killed them. West was convicted of raping Sheila, as well.

West was 23-years-old and Martin was 17-years-old at the time.

Jack Romines, Wanda's husband and Sheila's father, found his family dead when he got home that night.

Campbell said Romines broke down when he found them. He was "just screaming out 'oh, my baby, my baby'."

Jack Romines died in 2008 before he saw West face execution. "He died of a broken heart," Campbell said, "I believe that."

But Campbell said he has waited for justice in Jack's place.

"[Jack] always said, 'if anything happens to me, you see it through', I promised him I would," Campbell said.

Not only has Campbell kept his promise, he has also kept a detailed record--33 years worth. He has kept a box of letters sent by the state updating him on West's path to execution. When the execution is complete, Campbell said he would get rid of the letters. "I'm going to shred them. They'll be gone."

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