"Marvelous Mutts" gives rescue dogs chance to shine

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Attractions at the Tennessee Valley Fair are numerous, but only one is giving rescue dogs a chance to shine.

Rescue dogs in the Marvelous Mutts program go around the world, performing tricks and wowing crowds.

"At some point these dogs were on the side of a crate just hoping to be loved, and, now, they're on this side looking out an an audience," said one of the dogs' trainers, Jason Rigler.

Business is one of the dogs in the program.

"She was raised on a farm. They thought she'd be a good guard dog, but it turns out she didn't have the disposition. She ended up in a shelter, and she ended up with me," Rigler said.

Business travels the world with her other friends, but the group made their sixth stop at the Tennessee Valley Fair this year.

"They get to do what they love, we get to do what we love and the audience gets to watch, and they love it," Rigler told WVLT.