Maryland company surprises employees with $10 million bonus

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BALTIMORE (Gray News) - Employees at a Maryland commercial real estate firm were in for one of the biggest surprises of their lives when they learned what bonus they received after the company met certain goals.

An employee is shocked after finding out what her bonus will be. (Source: St. John Properties)

Baltimore-based St. John Properties is providing a combined $10 million bonus for its 198 employees, and the company founder and chairman Edward St. John made the announcement to the employees at a holiday celebration.

The employees all had an envelope showing what their bonuses were. Some were brought to tears when they found out what their bonus was. Employees were given a bonus based on years of service, and the average employee received $50,000.

“To celebrate the achievement of our goal, we wanted to reward our employees in a big way that would make a significant impact on their lives,” St. John said. “I am thankful for every one of our employees, for their hard work and dedication. I couldn’t think of a better way to show it.”

The company said only five of the 198 employees knew about the bonuses before the big reveal.

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