JSES students named 'Physics Champions' of the world

More than 200 Lu's have been sold in 20 different countries. / Source: WVLT News
More than 200 Lu's have been sold in 20 different countries. / Source: WVLT News(WVLT)
Published: Oct. 17, 2019 at 6:00 PM EDT
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John Sevier Elementary School placed First in the Lu Physics World Championship. The school entered a three-day competition going up against 52 elementary schools in 8 countries.

"When I put it up on the board that we were first in the world - literally in the world in this physics puzzle, our kids..I mean you could see it - they're glowing and talking about it." said Physical Education teacher Alex Rouse. "It's something that they can go back and talk about for years".

The school had an interactive playground called the 'Lu' installed in their gym over the summer and kids are putting it to use for the first time this year.

"Some people think school might be hard and hard to have fun, but with the Lu you can learn while having fun," said second-grader Mia.

The Lu offers many different programs in the areas of math, reading and problem-solving in different languages with different skill difficulty settings.

This program can be used for students from pre-school to high school ages.

John Sevier Elementary is the first school in Tennessee to test out the Lu. The school received a grant of around $18,000 thanks to the Maryville City Schools Foundation.

Rouse said the Lu is also encouraging good behavior in the students in the short time that they have been using it.

"We have great kids, but my behavior has gone down, it's a great classroom management tool," said Rouse. "These kids want to participate and they know if they don't do what they're supposed to at the beginning of class then they don't get to participate with the Lu."

According to Rouse, the kids are also picking up on important skills like sportsmanship and teamwork by using the Lu. The program is also being used to teach ESL students and kids with sensory and motor disabilities.

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