Support for Casada fades, Gov. Lee speaks out

Tennessee speaker spurns calls to resign from leadership/ Source: WTVF

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP/WVLT/WTVF) -- Support for embattled House Speaker Glen Casada fades amid mounting scandals surrounding Casada's office.

Casada has faced increased scrutiny after his top aide, Cade Cothren, stepped down earlier this week amid allegations he sent racist and sexually explicit text messages. Cothren also acknowledged using cocaine in his legislative office several years ago.

Republican Senate Speaker Randy McNally told reporters Thursday that it was "displeasing" to read about recently released text messages involving Casada and a former top aide make lewd remarks about women.

On Wednesday, Casada pushed back against calls to abandon his post.

NewsChannel5 reported that Governor Bill Lee said he would ask for Casada's resignation if he were part of Lee's administration.

But McNally says it's up to House members to decide if Casada should remain their leader. NewsChannel5 reported that McNally said, "If I was in that deep of water, I would just go home."