Memorial unveiled for mother, twins who died in Kentucky fire

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HARLAN COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - It's been close to three months since a devastating fire in Harlan County  killed three people.  Three-year-old twins Alex and Olivia Howard died in the blaze, their mother Allyson Howard died from her burns two days later.

"We miss them, we just miss them," said Vicki Blakley, Allyson's mother.

Tuesday afternoon Vicki and her husband Randy went to the gravesite where Allyson and the twins are buried. A new monument was built at the gravesite for the three.

"They should be here but they aren't, they're in heaven, but at least this memorializes them," she added. "It wouldn't have been possible without the people."

The memorial was paid in full by people within Harlan County and many others from around the country.

"It's sad but we feel blessed that we got people that think enough of us to help and do stuff like this," added Randy Blakley, Allyson's father.

The funeral and the memorial cost nearly $10,000. No one in the family had to pay one cent of the cost.

"Just wanna say thank you from the bottom of our heart, that's all we can say. People paid for the funeral, and they paid for this and there's really just no words to describe how it feels," Vicki said.

Allyson's parents said they are still in a lot of pain ever since the death of their daughter and grandchildren, but this is a step closer to healing.

"I feel like there's a little closure," Vicki added. "Allyson, she would have been very happy. Very happy."

Chad Howard, Allyson's husband is the only survivor of the fire. He is still healing after nearly 80% of his body was burned. He has slowly been able to move little by little every day.

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