Middle school student can draw world map from memory

Brooks Tunstall standing in front of his map drawing (Source: NBC12)
Brooks Tunstall standing in front of his map drawing (Source: NBC12)(GIM)
Published: Nov. 7, 2019 at 7:26 PM EST
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A Hanover middle school student is showing off his unique skill for mapping from memory.

Brooks Tunstall, who is in eighth grade at Oak Knoll, can draw a fairly accurate map of the world from memory in just 15 minutes. We’re talking all 195 countries without looking at another map for help!

“The first time I drew a map where I was like, I think I know this and then I just put it on paper,” said 8th grader, Brooks Tunstall. “Did you shock your own-self? A little bit but I don’t think I was really that surprised but I was kind of impressed at myself.”

“We didn’t really know he had this talent,” said dad, Jeff Tunstall.

"He always been very curious very eager to learn new things so it’s been neat to see him take this love and interest and put it out there for everyone to see,” said mom, Bobbie Sue Tunstall.

Brooks says he’s always had a deep love for geography. It’s a passion he shares with his family as they travel around the world.

“[I’ve been to} Canada, Germany, France, Ireland and Iceland,” said Brooks.

His parents say they just wanted to show their kids that the world is bigger than just Mechanicsville.

“We’ve been fortunate to go out of the country and take our family on some trips, so it’s been to fun to have him experience outside of the U.S,” said Bobbie Sue Tunstall.

Now with a marker and a whiteboard, Brooks is recreating those memories and if you ask him how he does it, he simply says “its easy, you can do it too”

“None of this is straight lines really expect for some countries that have straight lines, but the thing about drawing the world is you don’t really have to be good at drawing to do it because I’m not really good at drawing, but I can still do it well,” said Brooks.

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