Millennials make a Bible for their generation

Published: Mar. 7, 2019 at 10:59 AM EST
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(WVLT) -- The story of the Bible, told through photography that's the plan of the Alabaster Company.

Bryan Chung and friend Brian Chung started the Alabaster Company to create coffee table versions of each book the Bible. The two met as part of the campus ministry, InterVarsity at USC more than a decade ago.

"We are taking a really rich history and using imagery in a much more modern way," Bryan said. "We want to be able to reach a younger audience – more in tune to what millennials are up to," say the pair.

The duo first does an in-depth Bible study on the book they're going to publish. They study the Greek and Hebrew text and then screen for key themes and images for their artwork for the page illustrations.

"We try to use the imagery to show a deeper understanding that the modern English reader might not see," Brian Chung says.

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