Mindfulness program helping elementary school students

Dogwood Elementary School has a mindfulness room to help students self regulate their emotions.
Dogwood Elementary School has a mindfulness room to help students self regulate their emotions.(WVLT)
Published: Jan. 15, 2020 at 3:55 PM EST
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"Deep breath in, one more," said the teacher inside one Dogwood Elementary School classroom. "I am amazing!" repeated students along with her. She leads a circle group that is working on positive affirmations and tapping techniques for emotional self-regulation.

"I'm feeling a little upset," shared one girl.

Assistant Principal Cindy Sanford explained why she worked to implement mindfulness along with more conventional studies.

"We started mindfulness the more we started learning about trauma, and our students being affected by trauma. And so we just wanted to make sure that our students had those skills in order to self-regulate."

The school uses the

for this. Tapping is an

shown to improve health.

Sanford said teachers have learned to work with students on techniques like the tapping, along with using circles to talk out conflicts. The school offers spaces called 'calming corners' for students, and even outfitted a small calming room with a lavender diffuser. The room includes special seating, a miniature zen garden and other calming activities.

Elijah demonstrated using a tiny chair with an optional screen attached for his calming time. "I sit in that little egg, I close that cap, and I think about what I did wrong."

Older student Serenity explained, "You can have a bunch of stress or you're just unhappy, if you tap, you're okay."

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