Mom arrested for confronting her child's bullies

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GREENVILLE, SC. (WVLT/CNN) -- Mom, Jamie Rathburn says her third-grader was hit, kicked, shoved, and pushed around by bullies at his school throughout the past year. Last month, she says she had enough and went to her son's Greenbrier Elementary School and directly confronted her children's bullies in their classroom.

The Greenville, South Carolina Sheriff's Office says Rathburn began yelling at the students, pointing her finger at them in a threatening manner. She also allegedly swore at a teacher. Police were called and Rathburn was arrested for making the disturbance inside the school. The school district says they're proactive against violence and bullying, but never heard any complaints about her son being bullied from Rathburn during the school year.

Now the mom says she hopes her son learns a little from this entire experience, even her mistakes.

What are your thoughts on this arrest?

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