Mom called 'disgusting' and 'inconsiderate' after letting kid eat PB&J in store

Published: Apr. 12, 2018 at 12:12 PM EDT
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One mom faced the wrath of angry bloggers after saying she let her child eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in a store.

reports that the mother asked a New York parenting blog called

if it was unacceptable for her 4-year-old daughter to eat peanut butter in public.

"Has it become unacceptable to eat peanut butter in public? DD was eating a pb&j at a store today, and a woman stopped me to lecture me about peanut allergies," the mom asked.

Responses to the question came flying in from keyboards of other moms.

"That's really inconsiderate. So many kids have life threatening allergies to peanut butter." one person wrote. "Eating it in a shopping cart GUARANTEES it will be smeared on the handle, etc. Its really awful you would do this. Sorry, but imagine if it were your child with the allergy."

Another blogger was more concerned with the cleanliness of the shopping cart.

"I'd prefer if kids ate at tables and had an adult wipe their hands," the blogger wrote. "Eating while in a cart is messy and also your child's hands will be dirty from touching the shopping cart handle etc. It's pretty unhygienic both ways."

Another person questioned, "You feed your child in a Target shopping cart? That is disgusting! Your problem is much bigger than the peanut butter!"

Only a few people thought eating peanut butter in a store was okay.

"No problem - my kids make a bigger mess with Target popcorn and slushies," one mom said.

"Smear away. Not your problem," another commented.

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What do you think about letting kids eat in stores? Share #YourVoice with us.

Posted by WVLT on Thursday, April 12, 2018