More Kentuckians say their cars were stolen outside Pigeon Forge car shows

Source: WKYT
Source: WKYT(WVLT)
Published: Sep. 20, 2019 at 4:16 PM EDT
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Two others have come forward with reports their vehicles were stolen during two separate events outside Pigeon Forge, Tennessee car shows.


. Their vehicle was later recovered, but sustained thousands worth of damage.

The event is one of the largest in the south with 400-500 vehicles for car enthusiasts to look and swap.

On the outside of the event, thousands more gather in parking lots and sides of roads showing off their rides avoiding paying event fees.

Wes Stevens traveled into Pigeon Forge looking to sell his refurbished 1987 Chevrolet Truck from his home in Richmond. His vehicle, valued at $15,000, was later stolen in the middle of the night in a resort parking lot. No cameras captured the theft, but Pigeon Forge Police are still trying to track the vintage truck down along with its thieves.

"I started it up, showed it to people and I would say one of the people I showed it to stole it," Stevens told WKYT’s Nick Oliver Thursday. “We really have no hopes of recovering the truck at this time.”

Just a month before, Kelly McBride and her husband traveled to the city from their home in Fleming County for the annual Jeep Invasion. A lot like the Rod Run, the event focuses on Jeep collectors.

Within an hour of coming into the city and eating their first meal, their truck, trailer, and Jeep were all stolen from their motel parking lot.

A local Sheriff’s Department later located their truck burnt on a secluded road and their Jeep hidden in Eastern Tennessee. The family has yet to find their trailer.

“I don’t think very many people realize that it happens down there because it’s so kept quiet,” said McBride.

Pigeon Forge Police tell WKYT throughout the Rod Run Weekend two reports of stolen vehicles were investigated – both those vehicles being from Kentucky.

Police say it is a problem they continuously try to combat and in comparison to other years, two stolen vehicles are below the average – past years have seen as much as ten vehicles stolen according to Pigeon Forge Police Chief Richard Catlett.

Rod Run event promoters said because of security and locked gates, and no vehicles were stolen inside the event.

Police continue to search for suspects and say they do have people of interest looking to question.

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