Morgan County man makes a complete turn from addict to thriving business owner

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MORGAN CO. (WVLT) - It started off as a hobby. Then, John Caddell turned what he loved into a business in 2015.

Caddell battled alcoholism for over 20 years.

"I've been barbecuing since 2015 and it was back when I was drinking, really made a mess of things doing that, then I decided to straighten my life," said Caddell.

He's been sober for about a year and a half. He wanted to do something with his time, something that would benefit the community. He opened up JohnBoy's BBQ, a barbecue spot off Highway 62 in Morgan County and hires those in recovery, too.

"I wanted to put my time to good use and part of your recovery is through service work and I believe we're doing a great service to our community by putting people to work and teaching," said Caddell.

They're only open on the last Saturday of every month, but hires employees anytime for other events.

"I go out to the jail on Friday nights and we speak with inmates out there and I attend AA meetings," said Caddell. "We've got several people that come out and help."

One of his employees is Kevin Anderson's daughter. She's a recovering addict.

"It's just nice to have a place where she can come and she's safe," said Anderson. "Everybody here is a good influence and it's not the normal people she would be hanging out with the people who are using."

"Recovery is possible," said Caddell. "We do recover. It means the world to me I've been blessed."

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