State: Police called to youth center for staff emergency, not youth

DANDRIDGE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- State officials confirmed responders were sent to a Dandridge youth center on Wednesday due to a staff member's medical emergency.

Mountain View Youth Development Center Source: WVLT News

The Tennessee Department of Children's Services confirmed police were on scene at the Mountain View Youth Development Center on November 6.

TDCS later confirmed that an ambulance had been called to the center "because a staff member had a medical emergency--not related to any youth there."

TDCS said that it's standard procedure for police to accompany the ambulance onto the campus.

"The facility is secure, and there was no riot," a TDCS spokesperson said.

Law enforcement crews have been called to the facility multiple times over the last two weeks.

According to records, several incidents occurred at the facility between Halloween and November 4. On November 3, investigators were called to the facility twice, the second time for an "active riot and fire." Officers described that scene as "chaotic, intense and rapidly evolving."

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