Murder investigation reveals possible long-lasting issues for Knoxville neighborhood

Published: Oct. 11, 2019 at 6:52 PM EDT
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Police are investigating a murder at a Knoxville home where a mummified body was found wrapped in tarp along Greenfield Lane. Something that's coming out of this is now a notice of violation from city code enforcement.

There are several complaints about homes in that area. Some residents told WVLT they want the homes to either be cleaned up or torn down.

"I can’t fathom it, how this could go on for so long it’s been weeks and weeks of just the house looking literally like a dump," one next-door neighbor said.

According to the city's code enforcement manager, Robert Moyers, the house is in violation of city code.

"We found both an overgrown and dirty lot and an unsecured structure,"

Other homes have also gotten notices in the area. Moyers said having blighted property isn't just an eyesore, there are long-lasting issues that can come knocking on your door.

"We know that it lowers the property value, it's detrimental to the overall livability to the neighborhood. That's what my department does -- we do a lot of overgrown lot clean up, we mow a lot of grass," Moyers said.

Councilwoman Lauren Rider said this is an on-going issue in her district. The best way to fix it, she said, is by calling and reporting concerns.

"You may have to report something more than once because unfortunately if they are under ownership that doesn’t care about the property or your area it might be a problem until it turns over to new ownership,” Rider said. ​

A call that can make a change.

“This neighborhood deserves to be held up as a good place to live. these are good people over here and I'm really glad that the police and the city are finally are going to step in here in a way to help the neighborhood.”

Moyers said the owners of the Greenfield home have 10 days to clean up the property or else they could be looking at a court date.

As for the other home, new owners bought it and are making improvements.

Residents can call 3-1-1 to report blighted property.

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