NC family creates sensor to try and eliminate hot car deaths

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GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) - You might think it's hot outside when the temperatures are pushing 100, and you know how it can feel when you first get in your car.

Unfortunately, there are several instances where children are left in hot cars. Now, a family from here in the east is trying to develop a cost-efficient way to prevent hot car-related deaths.

"We're going to keep trying until we get it to make it better and better and better," said Lydia Denton, who is in sixth grade.

The Denton family knows the dangers of leaving children in a hot car.

"It's better to pay attention to your child and make sure they're safe," said Bethany Denton, a fourth grader.

They know the temperature inside can sometimes be 30, 40, even 50 degrees hotter than it is outside. So if it's 100 degrees outside, imagine being stuck in a car that is 130 or 140 degrees. This is why they decided to put their heads together to try and make a difference.

"What hasn't been invented that can help and would be cost efficient," said Lydia.

They invented a sensor for a car seat. Using their knowledge of coding and science, they put the device together that sends an alarm to a parent's phone once the car gets too hot. If the parent doesn't respond within a minute, the system will alert 911.

"It was just a matter of testing code over and over again, making adjustments, and then finally it working. It's just awesome," said Elijah Denton, who is in eighth grade. It's a great feeling."

The master minds behind this had heard about stories of hot car deaths and wanted to do something about it. Particularly, they wanted their product to be cost efficient. They say their kid only cost about 60 dollars.

"We had to get the idea and figure out all the parts and figure out how to put it together," Lydia said.

As they work to make a difference, they're learning the value of hard work and the importance of try, and try again. It took them about 100 tries to get it right.

Once it was done --

"I couldn't sleep that night because I was really happy," Lydia said.

The family is trying to gain more attention for it and not to make money. They just want to be able to get a cost-efficient product out there for families to afford.

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