Nashville police looking to give horses 'a great career'

Horse patrol / Source: Metro Nashville Police Horse Mounted Patrol

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- "Do you know of a special horse who is looking for a great career?" the Metro Nashville Police Department asked on its Mounted Patrol Facebook page.

The police department in Nashville is searching for some horses to join its ranks.

Do you know of any horses looking for a job?

Here are the police department's requirements:

- Must be of a registered breed (preferably Tennessee Walking, AQHA, Kentucky Mountain Horse, etc.)

- Must be a gelding

- Must be between four and eight years of age

- Minimum height of 15.2 hands

If you know a horse who fits those requirements, the police department asks that you send them a private message on Facebook @NashvilleMountedPatrol.

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