National Embryo Donation Center

Published: Jul. 26, 2016 at 2:20 PM EDT
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For Lisa and Brandon Laugherty, their family is now complete.

But it wasn't long into their marriage when they hit a roadblock. Lisa was unable to have children and they had one last hope.

It came through the non profit National Embryo Adoption Center, a faith based organization in Farragut.

The center takes human embryo's donated from families around the country and implants them into the mother.

For the Laughtery's it was a God send.

"When we had to pick our donors, the donors we ended up picking wanted a Christian family and that was when she knew

that was the one we were going to go with" , said Brandon.

They now have twins and a daughter all from the same donor.

Doctor Jeffrey Keenan got a call from a Christian medical group with the idea.

"We have a perspective from our faith that human life should be honored in all it's stages",said Keenan.