National Quartet Convention honors national anthem in Pigeon Forge

Published: Sep. 26, 2017 at 12:01 AM EDT
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The National Quartet Convention in Pigeon Forge is showing their support for our armed forces and the national anthem. An emotional performance by the U.S. Army Quartet received an eruption of applause Monday night.

"We get it a lot," Sgt. K.C. Armstrong said. "This was like over the top."

This comes after the National Quartet Convention emcee called on the entire crowd to stand, which was a direct aim at NFL players following this weekends' controversial protests.

Clarke Beasley, the executive vice president of NQC, said, "The insufferable attitudes of these millionaire athletes who take a knee while the anthem is sung, while the flag is presented. When people gave the ultimate sacrifice."

The quartet has opened the annual convention for the last few years and volunteer their time for the performance.

Beasley said, "It was quite a contrast with what we saw over the weekend. These people love their country."

More than 130 players from across the country joined arms, sat, or took a knee this weekend.

We hit the streets to get your reaction on what to do during the anthem.

Laura McCauley said, "Put your hand over your heart because look, look what we have."

Others stand behind the NFL players' decision, including UT football player Kendal Vickers. He said it's all about free speech.

"They all have a voice and they're using their voice for positive," Vickers said. "This is non-violent protesting."

The army quartet sings anthems across the country.

Some on the army quartet have never been deployed, but say they still have an important role.

Sgt. Armstrong said, "They bridge the gap between the front line army to the public."