National coalition organizes volunteer help for Hurricane Florence victims

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WASHINGTON, DC - (WVLT) A coalition of groups is organizing to help storm victims of Hurricane Florence. The National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (NVOAD) includes national and state organizations such as American Red Cross and Salvation Army.

NVOAD President Greg Forrester is calling for volunteers to register at the coalition website to help, as well as to give cash donations.
NVOAD says it partners with major nonprofits, with service groups representing churches, with government entities like the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and with businesses.

During a Hurricane Florence briefing by FEMA's Office for Response and Recovery on Friday, Forrester said, "right now we're concentrating on volunteering and donations. We know that this nation is one that volunteers very readily. Sometimes those volunteers come in a form that we can't utilize them right away. So, what we're asking for: go to our website

"We have a means by which you can go ahead and register to volunteer in each state that's been disaster affected. We also have a donations portal that's on there. We ask that for those donations we're just looking at corporate in-kind donations to come through for things we know are going to be needed," he continued.

At that same brieding, Chaley English, Emergency Management Liaison for the American Red Cross, asked for volunteers to register at He said you can use the "Help" tab to get started with training.

English also stressed the importance of volunteers to donate blood.
"I'd also like to mention and ask for your consideration in giving blood. we had to cancel over 130 blood drives in the impacted area. And you may be at home wondering how you can help. That's how you can help."