Neighbor furious over railroad crossing: "It'll rattle your teeth"

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Neighbors said enough is enough Wednesday after traffic backed up due to a rough railroad crossing.

Ken Clayton said the railroad crossing in the Inskip Community off Cedar Lane is the worst he's ever seen.

"Traffic builds up and it can add 10 to 15 minutes on your commute and if you're like me and running behind sometimes it can really be a mess," said Clayton.

A City of Knoxville official told WVLT News that they've received multiple complaints from residents that the crossing is rough and bounces cars, however they city can not fix the problem.

"For safety reasons, anything that is within boundary of a railroad crossing would fall on the railroad to repair. We would not want to be removing or adding pavement anywhere near the railroad line," said Public Service Director for the City of Knoxville, Chad Weth.

Clayton said the crossing is dangerous and could ruin car alignments or cause accidents.

"I'll tell you what, it's so bad it'll rattle your teeth if you don't stop and come to a complete stop to go across it," said Clayton.

The railroad is owned by Norfolk Southern. WVLT news reached out to the railroad company multiple times on Wednesday with no response.

A member with Knoxville KAT said the traffic jams have delayed KAT buses on their routes. The KAT official told WVLT News Reporter David Ball that he was told Norfolk Southern would begin work to fix the crossing, but was unsure of the time.