New2Knox emphasizes new businesses and relationships

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- "New2Knox is a like a social network, I guess. We exist to connect people to each other and to Knoxville," said Emilie Finke, co-founder of New2Knox.

Whether you just moved to Knoxville or you're a lifer, New2Knox is a new resource for those looking for more.

"It's a one-stop resource for people who are new and local to find out what's new in our city but also find ways to get connected through our website and Instagram and Facebook," said Emily Stevens, co-founder of New2Knox.

The site that essentially serves as a road map to finding Knoxville's coolest spots literally got its start on Knoxville's roads. The duo was training for the Covenant Health Half Marathon.

"It now sounds hilarious to me because running is the worst," Finke said. "Around mile seven or eight you start being really honest, like a truth serum happens."

But in between measured breathing, the pair started a real dialogue.

"I said Knoxville was kind of the worst when I first moved here. I spoke honest struggles and voiced loneliness that people often don't want to talk about or are embarrassed to say out loud. I was just saying I had a really hard transition. I just didn't love Knoxville," Finke said.

With that in mind, New2Knox's Facebook and Instagram page puts an emphasis not just on new businesses but on forming new relationships for those looking to branch out. They hold socials at some of Knoxville's hot spots for people to interact with each other.

"If you've been here a long time and you need that community, or if you are new to town and don't know anyone, we are here to make that transition easier and help you fall in love with your city," Finke said.

New2Knox is hosting a social at Vienna Coffee Shop downtown on Thursday, February 15. The event starts at 5:30 and runs until 7:30 p.m. The event is free and will feature live music.