New age app helping teach kids the sport of soccer

Published: Jun. 12, 2019 at 9:35 PM EDT
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The Sport of Soccer once again takes center stage as the women's World Cup getting underway.

It's a game that's played on the international stage as well as on the pitch here in East Tennessee. It's also a Sport that's learned by so many at a young age and that's the aspect we're focusing on says Alan Merrick, " Technology has helped us to do incredible things we weren't able to do before."

Former professional and international player Alan Merrick was part the team which developed the MOTI Youth Soccer 3D App

designed, to quite simply, help teach the sport to both beginners and those looking to perfect their skill says Merrick, "We have it all set up on a gaming platform that enables us to make it so much more engaging for young players. They can zoom in zoom out and watch the play from any access it's almost like a game for them on how to learn skills."

We were curious to find out how this App would play out with our youth here in East Tennessee. Well, the group we showed it to out on the practice field couldn't get enough and that includes former Maryville College player and youth soccer coach Luke Wheat who says, "If you start kids out learning the fundamentals, that's the building blocks of the game if they come to you in college and say they don't know the fundamentals it's gonna take a long time to actually figure out what to do with your team so if we can help them learn that through an app and them seeing it all the time, that would be super beneficial for the future."

Enabling our youth to learn and to get their kicks if you will is the goal of the App's creators whose wish is to not only get the kids started in the sport but to keep them playing for years to come:

Merrick:" Practice makes permanent, so if you can do it in practice you will alleviate the tension and frustrations of having to re-correct yourself in the next practice."

So parents, coaches,and players, if you'd like to try this augment to teaching and learning the sport of soccer, just download the MOTI Youth Soccer 3D App and give it a shot!