New children's book focuses on Opioid epidemic

The children's book will be available Nov. 19. / (Barnes and Noble)

NASHVILLE, Tewnn. (WVLT/WTVF) -- A pharmacist said she was inspired by the ongoing Opioid epidemic for her first children's book.

The first-time author, Dr. Laura Happe, wrote the 55-page book, "If You Give an Ox, an Oxy," a parody of the popular children's serious, according to CBS-affiliate WTVF.

"We have books to talk to our kids about puberty, about bullying, about internet safety, " Dr. Happe says. "And it struck me, there weren't really any books out there to talk to kids about drugs or abuse."

The book focuses on an ox who goes down the road to addiction after getting hurt in a bicycle accident. In the story, the ox keeps trying to get access to more oxycodone, even after his doctor refuses to give him more.

The book also aims to make the conversation about addiction easier for parents to have with their kids. The end of the book has talking points along with questions and quizzes.

"This book really opens up the conversation and gets parents to really to talk to their kids, " Dr. Happe told WTVF.

"If You Give an Ox, an Oxy," will be available online and in bookstores on November 19.

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